Online English Speaking Lesson- FCE preparation class

Book a 60 mins online speaking lesson and prepare better for your FCE exam

  • 60 minutes online FCE exam preparation lesson via Skype
  • effective 1-to-1 teaching and coaching, tailored to your needs
  • learn vocabulary and grammar you need to get more points in the speaking part of the exam
  • focus on the exam parts to build fluency and confidence you need during the exam

Book an online lesson and work on your speaking skills for your FCE exam. During the tailored FCE lesson you are able to ask questions about your skills and learn the methods to take your English to the next level so that you pass the exam.


FCE exam preparation online (skype) Speaking lesson is ideal for you if : 

  • you still find it difficult to speak fluently and lack the ideas or vocabulary when speaking:
  • you want to learn, practise and use exam strategies and techniques to help achieve your best score;
  • learn from past exam papers and become familiar with the format of the speaking part;
  • practise and develop your overall skills in speaking: vocabulary, fluency, pronunciation and grammar
  • receive constructive feedback to increase your chances of success.

Your online English Speaking lessons are about:

  • Focus – The one-on-one learning experience is more focused on the student. The tutor can gauge progress and set a pace that meets your learning abilities.
  • Concentration – Private online lessons are focused on your progress. The instructor knows when to pick up the pace and when to spend time on difficult areas.
  • Pace – Online lessons usually get faster results. Due to the concentrated instruction, you can progress faster than do students in group classes.
  • Discipline – Our tutors usually take a more disciplined approach to learning during one-to-one online sessions. They also hold their students to higher degrees of accountability.
  • Learning Environment – Private students can usually have access to a facility’s full repertoire of services and equipment.

About the teacher:

I’m a CELTA qualified teacher with a BA degree in English Literature and I’ve been teaching English in London since 2010. I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their English language skills, whether it was speaking and fluency, grammar or writing.  I used to teach in TELC UK, an English Language school which I set up in 2011. The school has over 100 positive reviews on Google and Facebook, you can read some of the reviews about the school and my lessons here. I currently work at a university in London. During the FCE exam preparation lesson I source current and up-to-date resources to make sure you learn the adequate topics, grammar and vocabulary.  I’m very passionate about the exam preparation classes especially FCE and CAE and I always go the extra mile to help you achieve a better score. You can expect a very intense lesson followed by several homework tasks and plenty of additional resources to study on your own. My motto: ‘Practice makes perfect, let’s practise together’.


In order to book an online Speaking for FCE lesson please contact me on +44 7935033195 or fill in this form.

– Once you book your class your receive an email with my Skype ID.
– Lessons will NOT be transferred once booked, you can reschedule your class by giving 48h notice.
– Scheduling of lessons are subject to the availability
– There are no extra registration fees or hidden charges
– Students are responsible for downloading Skype and obtaining the proper equipment to use with the software.
– Students are also responsible for registering and creating a working Skype user ID

How to book your online lesson?

1- choose the day and time
2- pay for the class
3- email the questions you have about the exam or the areas you want to practise
4- attend the online class