Introduction to opinion essay for FCE exam examples

Introduction to opinion essay for FCE exam examples

Topic question: Do you think it’s a good idea to give money to charity? 

Helping others makes us feel important. Despite that, some people believe, myself included, that donating money for a good cause is no longer a right decision to make. So, why should we stop supporting charitable organizations? 

Topic questionEveryone can be a celebrity. Do you agree?

Thanks to the internet everyone can have his 5 minutes of fame.  Some believe myself included, that nowadays becoming a famous person is easier than ever. So, how can an average Joe turn into VIP? 

Topic questionEvery young adult should take a gap year do you agree? 

Making important life decisions is a difficult task especially for young people. Some of them believe, myself included, that taking a year off is crucial step in their education. So, why do they delay going to the university?