FCE writing- report examples

Writing a report for the First Certificate exam, here are great examples to read and learn from:

Raport 1: 

A group of students from the UK are going to visit your town or city next month as a part of an exchange programme. Your teacher has asked you to write a report about shopping and dining attractions in your town.

Now write your report for your teacher as outlined above (approximately 200 words). You should use your own words as far as possible.


 Shopping in Naples


This report is to inform and suggest the best shopping and culinary spots British tourists ought to visit in Naples. The data presented in the report was gathered from local citizens as well as former visitors.

Where to find the best souvenirs

According to local residents the best gifts can be found in small shops around Porto Alba Road.  Visitors can find anything from classical gifts as cards or t-shirts to strange and bizarre presents like pasta in various sizes, forms and colours. Moreover, these local shops are rather inexpensive so they are ideal for students on a limited budget. 

Where to eat under a fiver

  • Borini-  famous for its strong coffee, is a tiny coffee shop that everyone has to visit when in Naples
  • La Serbina- the house of greatest pizzas – a typical Italian pizzeria that was featured in a few American blockbusters, hence two hour queues to get in. 
  • Da Mari – a tasty and popular bakery in the heart of Naples- ideal place for anyone with a sweet tooth. 


All things considered, a great number of Napolitan shops and restaurants are rather cheap yet traditional. They are worth visiting especially if one is unable to spend a fortune on souvenirs or food.



Raport 2: 

Your teacher has asked you to recommend a website for students who want to improve writing skills in English. Write a report about a website which you know well saying why it would be helpful and interesting for foreign language students.


The best website to improve writing skills- EnglishExamHelp


The purpose of this report is to show the benefits of a website called EnglishExamHelp. The information presented below was based on the feedback and recommendations collected from the users with membership status.

EnglishExamHelp allows English language learners to:

  • publish a piece of writing and have it corrected by a native speaker or a teacher
  • read detailed comments and explanations about the mistakes and errors a particular learner did in a submitted piece of writing 
  • View example reports, essays and articles and learn the best practice by following tips and guideline notes. 

EnglishExamHelp is an interesting English language learning tool as it allows learners to practise listening, speaking and reading skills. The website is updated regularly with new learning materials and interesting resources written by expert English language teachers.


EnglishExamHelp is probably one of the most interesting websites which could be found on the internet. Its user-friendly interface and fantastic source of learning materials make the website the best learning tool for anyone wanting to improve their writing skills.