FCE Writing Part 2 review and sample answer C

How to write a review for the New FCE exam? Here’s a topic and sample answer.

Part 2

You must answer this question. Write your answer in 140- 190 words in an appropriate style on the separate answer sheet.

Your teacher has asked you to write your response to the following statement taken from a recent newspaper article:

A computer game that I would recommend.

Do you know about a computer game that is different from other games or even unique? Write a review of the computer game. You should explain what you need to do to win the game, what is special about it, and who it is popular with and why.

The best reviews will be posted on the website the month after next.

Sample review written by Sabrina, student at TELC UK 

The video game world owes its development and popularity to “Mario Bros” video game developed and published by Nintendo in the early 1980s.

“Mario Bros” is set in the fantastic and futuristic Mushroom Kingdom, which inhabitants have been turned into animated objects such as movable bricks, awkwardly walking ducks and the main character – Mario a moustached Italian plumber, who is the only one capable of saving the kingdom from the terrible spell. 

Once the funny adventure of hide and seek begins you can reach multiple levels of the game. Jumping on 20m mushrooms or avoiding and overcoming an enormous dragon are just a few of obstacles you have to face.

Getting used to an easy to set up gaming console as well as Nintendos’ joystick couldn’t be simpler. It has just taken me minutes to start playing the game and implement my dexterity by scoring more points.  Furthermore during the game you can enjoy rather amusing and old fashioned but still cool sound effects which take you back to your childhood.

I strongly recommend “Mario Bros” to anyone who loves having challenges and dreams of escaping the real and grey world of every day.