FCE Writing Part 1 essay A

Part 1

You must answer this question. Write your answer in 140- 190 words in an appropriate style on the separate answer sheet.

Your teacher has asked you to write your response to the following statement taken from a recent newspaper article:

Do you agree that community service works better than fines?


Write about:

  1. effort and time
  2. lesson learned
  3. ………………(your own idea)

Sample essay:

Anyone who commits a crime should be prosecuted. Some people believe, myself included, that serving a community is a more effective way to stop reoffending than financial penalty. So what are the benefits deriving from doing community service?

First and foremost, offenders are being requested to spend their precious time on voluntary work. Paying a fine is relatively unchallenging when compared to weeks or even months of labour a lawbreaker has to devote to local society free of charge.

Additionally, community service is sometimes the only way to gain the knowledge about hazards arising from felonies. For example, if a person has been caught speeding, an adequate service one should do is to become a lollipop man at a local school crossing.

Finally, spending time and helping out a local society may positively influence wrongdoers. They begin to contemplate on their behaviour and eventually come to conclusion that they are capable of making a positive difference in society.

In conclusion, creative way of punishment in a form of community service is without a doubt a more efficient way to halt reoffending. Not only the local society benefits from it but also the lawbreaker who learns the lesson.