FCE Speaking Part 1 A

Part 1 ( 2 minutes) 

The examiner will ask you questions about your life, focusing on areas such as daily life, leisure, work, future plans, holidays, likes and disl ikes. The examiner addresses each of the candidate in turn and does not invite you to talk to each other, though you may do so if you wish. This is a natural way to begin the exam and it allows you to settle and feel more confident.

Good morning/afternoon/evening.  My name is Emily,  and your names are?

Where are you from, (Candidate A)?
 And you, (Candidate B)?

First we’d like to know something about you. Select one or more questions from any of the following category:

Education and work
• Do you work or do you study? (Tell us where you study/work.)
• How often do you use the Internet to study?
• What type of work would you like to do in the future?
• What new skill would you like to learn? (Why?)

• What kind of television programmes do you like best?
• Do you like reading newspapers and magazines? (Where do you
read them?)
• Do you ever listen to the radio? (When?)
• Do you like going to the cinema? (Tell us about a film you’ve seen recently.)

 Free time 
• Do you prefer to spend time on your own or with other people? (Why?)
• Has your choice of free time activities changed over the years?
(In what way?)
• What kind of music do you like? (Why do you enjoy it?)
• Do you like going to parties? (Tell us about a party you remember well.)