FCE Listening Part 4 A

You will hear part of a radio interview with a photographer called Peter White. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer A, B or C.

24 Peter’s favourite holiday is

  1. on a beach.

  2. by a lake.

  3. at home.

25 Peter earns his living by

  1. making advertising films.

  2. supplying picture libraries.

  3. selling photos to his agents.

26 The photo of the woman standing in the sea is

  1. Peter’s favourite.

  2. highly regarded.

  3. very famous.

27 What does Peter say is the disadvantage of his job?

  1. Someone might steal his equipment

  2. Customs officers keep his equipment

  3. He has lost quite a lot of his equipment

28 What does Peter say about his trips?

  1. He makes lists to remember things.

  2. His agents pay all his expenses.

  3. There is always a risk to his work.

29 How does Peter’s family feel about his job?

  1. They all miss him when he’s away.

  2. His wife is very understanding.

  3. His children don’t mind his absence.

30 What does Peter say about taking photos of his own family?

  1. He probably tries too hard.

  2. He has taken some good ones.

  3. He likes taking his children.

Click on the Question tab to get the answer

24 C

25 B 

26 B 

 27 A 

 28 C 

 29 B