FCE Listening Part 2 C

You will hear part of a programme in which a historian Sarah Potts talks about Easter Island.  For Questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

Sarah says the stone heads on Easter Island probably show their makers’…..9.

Having no trees suggests that it has been impossible to lift bulky items in ….. 10.

She disagrees with researchers who say …..11 led to Easter Island’s deforestation. Palm trees on the island provided wood and ….. 12 for transporting the stone heads. The shells of palm seeds provide evidence that …..13 destroyed forests. Sarah explains that …..14 were ruined by strong winds. Many of Easter Island’s …..15 became extinct.

Sarah thinks it is particularly sad that European sailors brought …..16 to Easter Island that made the local community …..17 when fighting for their lives.

According to Sarah, what happened on Easter Island is still …..18 today.