FCE Listening Part 1 B

You hear people talking in 8 different situations. For Questions 1-8 choose the best answer A, B or C

 1. You hear a part of radio play in which a woman is describing her job. What does she do?

A. She’s a writer.

B. She’s a dancer.

C. She’s a lawyer.


2. You hear a man talking about making an appointment to see his doctor. What was the problem?

A. The doctor couldn’t see him for a week.

B. His usual doctor was away on holiday.

C. He was told to go to the local hospital.

3. You hear a man talking about opening a new restaurant. What is he hoping will happen?

A. He will be able to expand later on.

B. He will find a new business partner.

C. He will attract customers from abroad.


4. You hear a school tutor talking to a student about his report. What is her advice?

A. He should study medicine.

B. He should take a year off.

C. He should visit a university.


5. You overhear a woman talking in a library. What does she want?

A. a railway timetable

B. a book about trains

C. a video film on trains


6. You hear two people making arrangements for a party. What are they celebrating?

A. someone’s birthday

B. friend’s wedding

C. passing a driving test


7. You hear part of a weather forecast on the radio. What does the forecast warn about?

A. the danger of storms

B. low cloud and fog

C. the risk of floods


8. You hear part of a radio programme in which an old woman is talking about her past life. What does she miss most?

A. her ability to travel

B. her large hours

C. her sports car