FCE essay topic: It is believed that using social media has a negative effect on interpersonal communication.

In your English class you and your class have been talking about social media. Now your English teacher has asked you to write an essay. 

Write an essay using all the notes and adding relevant examples or giving reasons for your point of view. 

It is believed that using social media has a negative effect on interpersonal communication. Do you agree? 


Write about:
– mobile phone use
– social presence
– (your own idea)

Some people say that social media have destroyed Gthe real communication, the one that happens face to face St. Perhaps, it is an extrem Sp position, but it is true that the way of communication  have changed G a lot during the last decad Sp.

While our parents used to meet with their friends always in the same place and at the same time, because they hadn’t got phones or internet to check at what time they have met, young people now feel stressful WWwhen they are waiting for their friends without phones.  We need contact every time with the people who are meeting with: where they are, at what time they will arrive. St

Other thing that also changes lot is the false communication we have. It is normal to see a group of young people with their phones, speaking with each other, taking pictures of what they are doing or searching information about other people. 

Maybe, to say that social media is destroying the real communication is cross G the line, but it is obvious that things have changed a lot because of them and in my view point it has changed in a bad way.

Teacher’s comments:

It’s a good first attempt to write this essay. You have definitely carried your point of view throughout however it seems you forgot to add a third point (your own idea). My advice is to shorten your sentences and be more precise in the message you are trying to convey. Your paragraphs tend to be one or two sentences long.

Planning is extremely useful when thinking about the examples and brainstorming your points of view. Next time spend 5 minutes on planning your essay.