About me

About me

Welcome to EnglishExamHelp.com I am Emily, the owner and primary content creator for this site, where you can find engaging and inspiring Cambridge exam practice materials that are going to help you succeed in getting the best score in your exam.

My story

I’ve been teaching English since 2005, first I taught the language in my home-town Bialystok in Poland and later moved to London. At the end of 2010  I applied for CELTA. After 3 months of a heavy workload and sleepless nights preparing lesson plans I finally got my certificate in March 2011. Shortly after I went on a long and deserved holiday, I was travelling in India and in Poland where I was practising windsurfing. Upon my return I started giving private lessons and in late 2011 I created TELC UK – an English language school in Wood Green, North London. Teaching English in London and being a non-native speaker is pretty daunting experience, so I had to make my lessons unlike the others. That’s the reason why my colleagues and I use variety of course-books and videos to make the lesson more engaging, interesting and inspiring and the feedback we receive is great.

I hope this website will help you improve your  English language skill,  so just like my students at TELC UK,  you successfully pass your exam.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you practising your English on this blog some time soon!



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