About us

Welcome to EnglishExamHelp.com I am Emily, the owner and primary content creator for this site, where you can find engaging and inspiring English Language Exam practise materials to help you succeed in getting the best score in your English exam.

My story

I’ve been teaching English since 2005. First, I taught the language in my hometown Bialystok in Poland and later moved to London. I have BA degree in English Literature and was awarded CELTA in 2011, which allowed me to secure a teaching position at SKOLA, I was also giving private lessons to students. There were lots of students interested in learning English with me, so a crazy idea to open my own language school popped into my head. And there is was TELC UK- my own English language school in London, which welcomed its first students at the end of 2011.

Since opening TELC UK, I’ve taught hundreds of students at various levels that were preparing for FCE, CAE or IELTS exams. With my help and guidance majority of them did extremely well in their exams. I took a great pride for being their teacher and wanted to spread my experience and knowledge and help other students prepare for their English language exams (that’s the main reason I’ve created this website).

I’m very passionate about learning English language, especially preparing for the exam, hence I’ve been adding resources to EnglishExamHelp.com to allow students all over the world prepare and succeed in their language journey.

Apart from being super enthusiastic about English language exams, I’m also very motivated to make a difference is students lives so I currently work for one of the universities in London and help students make the best decision about the education.

In my free time, I love going for long walks with my daughter, partner and our cockapoo- LottieLou. I love water and snow, so in the summer you can see me sailing or windsurfing in a beach near Brighton at the weekends. Whereas, in the winter, I love spending days skiing in Italian Alps or Polish mountains, where my daughter learns to snowboard.

I hope this website will help you improve your English language skill, so just like my students at TELC UK,  you successfully pass your exam.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and I hope to see you practising your English on this blog some time soon!



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