10-day FCE exam writing challenge

Are you up for the writing workout? 


It seems that next to the Speaking and Listening sections of the FCE exam the Writing Part is the next in line in terms of the difficulty. Learning how to write doesn’t necessarily belong to the pleasant tasks, however when you know how to deal with each composition (letter/e-mail, essay or review) it can definitely help you achieving a higher score. When I look back in time I can see students struggling with putting down on the paper the ideas they had in their heads. Well, it’s not only the ideas they had to write but also the grammar and variety of vocabulary that they should include in the essay or e-mail in order to score more points. It was and still is a nightmare for some, and for you too, I think.

This 10-day writing challenge is especially designed to those who’ve been preparing to the FCE exam for some time now. Within the 10 days you’ll be given guidelines for the specific topics, including in/formal emails, essays, articles, reports and reviews. While working together we’ll be aiming at max 10 compositions and minimum of 6 compositions.

Unfortunately, there’s no golden rule that helps you improve your writing skills, but there are still few things that can guarantee an improvement in your writing = achieving better result.  The 10-day FCE  exam writing ‘workout’ is all about mastering the writing skills. Here’s how it looks:

Day 1-2

You’ll be writing an essay. But how?

Well, you’ll have one day to study the sample essay and the necessary grammar structures and phrases and then the second day to write your own essay. After that you email the essay to me and within 12h you’ll receive a feedback about your writing.

Here’s an example: Maja’s essay

Day 3-4

Within these two days you’ll have time to look at the feedback from the previous essay and then put them into practice by writing yet another essay. This essay will be also corrected.

Here’s an example

Day 5-6

You’ll be writing two informal letters/ e-mails.

Here are examples: 1.   2. 

Day 7-8

You’ll be writing an application letter and two transactional letters/ e-mails ( letter  describing, recommending and suggesting a visit  and / a complaint letter)

Here are examples:

Application letter    

Letter about a visit 

Complaint letter

Day 9-10

You’ll be writing either a review,  an article or a report- it’s up to you.

Sample article 

In the 10-day FCE exam writing ‘workout’ you’re going to:

– write 5 different compositions

– get 5 separate feedbacks about your writing

– have the opportunity to ask any question related to the writing part

– work with a teacher who’s got proven track record- has already successfully prepared students to FCE exam 

The total price is £55. 

Do you need to improve your writing skills?

Let me know whether you’re interested in taking part in the next writing ‘workout’ 

Listen to how students like yourself summarized the FCE ‘work-out’

I think I have boosted my writing skills. I feel more confident when writing and I have taken into account the importance of the initial brainstorming. To structure well the information I am going to write down and to know the difference between the main idea and secondary ones in order to discard other stuff not required in the statement.

I’ve improved my writing skills a lot I think. Now I know whole structures of most types of writing. You’ve put a lot of samples sentence I can use

 I consider some structures provided in the guidelines effective and necessary to memorise before taking on official exams. I would also highlight your collaborative attitude answering all the emails 🙂

It was great that I didn’t have to come to school to have the writings checked

There’s been a lot of practice and fast feedback from the teacher