List of 60 essay questions for FCE exam


During your exam you can expect variety of topics ranging within the subjects such as:

  •  Environment and Housing
  • Age and Culture
  • Education
  • Women and Family
  • Sports and Pastime
  • Employment and Money
  • Media and Advertising
  • Travel and Transport
  • Science and Technology
  • Government
  • Health
  • Language

When buying this document you’ll have a chance to see and practice the essay questions that can come up during the exam. The format of the essays is a bit different though, as the last point is actually given. e.g.

Essay questions: Are there more advantages of living in a city or country?


  • infrastructure
  • career prospects
  • social life
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Here are the sample essay questions to practise your writing with: 

  1. Is it true that we help the environment when we plant a tree?
  • clear the air
  • provide shade
  • provide food/ house
  1. Keeping animals in captivity is cruel for many reasons. Do you agree?
  • natural way of living
  • sufficient space
  • educational aspects


  • LAW and ORDER
  1. It is said that violent TV programmes increase the crime rate in many cities. Do you think that violence might be related to TV viewing?
  • children imitate what they see/ copy behaviour
  • heroes are frequently violent
  • gives ideas for crimes 
  1. Is capital punishment essential to control violence in society?
  • who decides on our destiny
  • cannot fight violence with violence
  • other forms of punishment


  1. Older people are said to be a much better leaders. Do you agree?
  • experience
  • knowledge
  • sense of responsibility 
  1. Are there more advantages of living in a city or country?
  • infrastructure
  • career prospects
  • social life

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